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14th-Nov-2009 07:49 pm - New A-TACS® camo pattern unveiled

FT. BENNING, GA- As the US Military continues their search for a more effective camouflage pattern, A-TACS® (Advanced TActical Concealment System) has begun to draw interest as a possible contender. In order to release the most up-to-date information on the A-TACS® pattern to interested parties, Digital Concealment Systems, (DCS) is proud to unveil the first official photos of the A-TACS® pattern.

More info at tactical-life.com

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14th-Nov-2009 10:05 pm - Mesopotamian Warfare
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Hah, finally found the nerve to post here...

So a while back I've been doing some contextual research for a historical/literary/cultural assignment on Mesopotamia. It's kind of difficult to fully study everything about this civilization, but I did manage to find some small sections in a few articles dealing with Sumerian warfare, specifically the standard weapons and armor used, etcetera.

I don't know if such things can be properly called uniforms, since their function is of a practical nature, and I don't really know if the Sumerians intended for their weapons and armor to bear particular identification. Although, this being warfare, then it must be practical to do so. I don't know.

But here are some articles I found on the subject. What do you think? Is it safe to call them the earliest uniforms in human history? 'Cause the Sumerians certainly have the earliest copper helmet discovered.
Indian Soldiers Marching

I don't have a huge fetish for military uniforms. Sure, I have stored my own uniforms, long retired since I left the Army in late 2002, with loving care. Sure, I'm quite proud of the Polish Army uniform a Polish NCO friend traded me in PLDC. And sure, my wife looks spiffy* in her Soviet paratrooper's dress jacket. But it's more our near-museum curator status than fetishism that drives us to collect such artifacts. We like to own interesting little pieces of history.

And it is thus, as a scholar of South Asian culture and religion, that I set out to find an Indian Army jacket a few years ago. I quickly discovered that it's not such an easily obtained item. Chalking up their scarcity to India's probably valid concerns over their uniforms falling into the hands of terrorists and insurgents, I was about to give up my search.

Then I stumbled across the website of Trident Military in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

Not only do the folks at Trident carry a wide range of uniforms and other paraphernalia including current and historical uniforms but they also carry Indian Army uniforms! They even have the field jacket for which I had been searching! Ground score!

Does anyone else here care to share experiences buying international/vintage uniforms from Trident or any other sources?

*No, I'm not turned on by photos of women scantily clad in camouflage and bearing weapons. If you spent enough time in the field with raunchy-smelling female troops, as I did, you probably wouldn't either. But if you do like that kinda stuff, here's some Indian Army eye candy for ya.
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